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Resplendent with authentic 1980's music, fashion and vibe, "Miami Vice" follows two undercover detectives and their extended team through the mean streets of Miami.

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original title: Miami Vice

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Mystery,Thriller


imdb: 7.5

duration: 48min


budget: $1,500,000

keywords: drugs, culttv, famousopeningtheme, detective, police, undercover, actionhero, machismo, twomanarmy, undercovercop, policedetective, ferrari, miamiflorida, blackcop, twowordseriestitle, policeprotagoni

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Stubble-faced detective Crockett lived in a sailboat guarded by his alligator Elvis. His partner Tubbs was a black New York cop looking for his brother's killer. Together they took on the Florida drug world. The show influenced men's fashions toward Italo-casual and interior decor toward the Miami look. Very trendy music and unusual guest performers. Detective James "Sonny" Crockett and detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, of the Miami-Dade police department's organized crime bureau vice unit, work deep undercover as seedy criminals to infiltrate and bring down the various criminal enterprises of southern Florida. Miami Vice is one of the greatest television shows of all-time,an excellent,stylish and unforgettable classic that has a wonderful direction,a terrific cast,thrilling Action and a iconic theme song. All of those combinations make Miami Vice an incredible Cop series,one of my favorite TV shows and one of the finest television shows of the 1980s.

Set in Miami,Florida during the 1980s Miami Vice is about the adventure and thrill ride of Vice Cops and partners James 'Sonny' Crockett(Don Johnson)and Richard 'Rico' Tubbs(Phillip Michael Thomas)as the two try to capture and bust drug dealers,killers and other various criminals in the city of Miami.

Miami Vice is a brilliant and unforgettable TV show that right from it's memorable theme song and intro grabs you by the throat and never lets go. Executive Produced by Michael Mann and created by Anthony Yerkovich,Miami Vice is a television show that for 5 seasons and 111 episodes that is stylish and gritty,colorful and vibrant as well as intense and thrilling giving viewers one of the most iconic shows of the 1980s. Miami Vice is show that even after it went off the air in 1989 is still popular thanks to Home Video,DVD and reruns on television and gaining more and more fans each year. When Miami Vice debuted in 1984 it came out at the right place at the right time because there were tons of successful Cop shows before but with Miami Vice there was something fresh and new because the show combined the substance of a gritty Cop show with the style of an MTV Music video. With the Cop show side there is interesting characters and a great story that is told in 60 minutes and with the MTV style there is music all around and everything goes by at a fast pace with rapid cuts and quick editing with neon colors,lighting and slick visuals making the show amazing to look at with hit songs that guide some of the scenes on the show. Miami Vice's style was groundbreaking at the time and has been imitated by most Cop shows that came after it but has never been duplicated. What I also love about Miami Vice is that it's also a great time capsule that truly defines the 1980s not just in the music but with the city of Miami and the clothes because we see Miami as a fun and exciting place that is beautiful and sunny during the day and very sexy and seductive at night. With the costumes Crockett,Tubbs and other characters dress in bright colors white,pink and blue making not only the cops but also the criminals look flashy. Despite the flashy and bright look of Miami Vice there are some episodes that remind viewers that there is still darkness because of the violence and death that is in the air. The Action scenes on Miami Vice are very simple but well done and thrilling with tons of gunfights that matches the shows tone and spirit. Miami Vice also features actors and actresses who guessed starred on the show and later became famous such as Bruce Willis,Julia Roberts,Liam Neeson,Laurence Fishburne,Wesley Snipes,Bill Paxton,Viggo Mortensen,Ed O'Neill,Dennis Farina,Ben Stiller,John Leguizamo,Chris Rock,David Strathaim,Stanley Tucci,Jimmy Smits,Bruce McGill,Annette Bening,John Turturro,Luis Guzman,Kyra Sedgwick,Ving Rhames,Lou Diamond Phillips and Melanie Griffin just to name a few. What else can be said about Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs? The duo are among the most iconic and unforgettable characters in the history of Television and rank with the best Cop duos such as Riggs and Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon film series. With Crockett and Tubbs we follow these two as they try to bust criminals and crime figures on the mean streets of Miami and while doing that for 5 seasons we get an examination of the partnership and friendship of Crockett and Tubbs and discovering that while they both clash with one another the two still have each others back and care for one another not only as partners but as friends. Crockett and Tubbs are powerful characters that you will never forget and when you think Miami Vice you will think of Crockett and Tubbs. The ending in the final episode of Miami Vice is great because the final scene brings the show full circle for Crockett and Tubbs going all the way back to the first episode telling viewers that while this is a conclusion there is always a new beginning. A wonderful ending to a great series.

The cast is great. Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas are excellent and unforgettable as Detective Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs with Johnson and Thomas bringing intensity and emotional depth to their roles. Saundra Santiago and Olivia Brown are wonderful and sexy as Detectives Gina and Trudy,female cops. Michael Talbott and John Diehl are terrific and funny as Detective Switek and Zito cops who are partners and friends who work together. Edward James Olmos is outstanding as Lieutenant Castillo,a mysterious and quiet Cop.

The direction on Miami Vice is terrific and stylish with great angles and camera movements that give the show an atmospheric look. Great direction.

The theme song by Jon Hammer is amazing,memorable and one of the greatest TV theme songs of all-time and sets the tone for the show right away. A classic TV theme song from Hammer.

In final word,if you love Cop shows or Television in general,I highly suggest you see Miami Vice,one of the greatest Television shows of all-time and a classic that you will never forget. Highly Recommended. 10/10. Miami Vice was and still is the best TV show ever made in my opinion. The clothes, cars, music and Miami backgrounds are just perfect in this series.

Season 1 kicks off with an excellent pilot episode and never looks back until maybe late in the season where there are a few 'meh' episodes. Early on the series focuses more on the police work than the glitz of Miami, but that changes after a few episodes. I liked both types of epsiodes really. In this season Jan Hammer is on fire, the scenery is awesome, Johnson & Thomas are at their best and the colors used are perfect. And I think this is by far the best season of the series.

Best Episodes: "Smuggler's Blues", "The Great McCarthy", "Brother's Keeper". Worst Episodes: "Made for Each Other", "Give a Little, Take a Little", "Nobody Lives Forever".

Season 2 is much like Season 1 style-wise. But I think the music here is even better than what it was in the first season, Jan Hammer is on fire throughout the entire season, especially the season opener "The Prodigal Son". My favorite Vice episode "Out Where the Buses Don't Run" also has the my favorite Vice moment, the long drive through the city while Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms plays in the background. This is also the season where Lt. Castillo established himself as my favorite TV character of all time.

Best Episodes: "Out Where the Buses Don't Run", "The Prodigal Son", "One-Way Ticket" Worst Episodes: "Tale of the Goat", "Free Verse", "Little Miss Dangerous

Season 3 is definitely a different season. Some of the episodes are much darker than they were in the previous season (e.g. "Forgive Us Our Debts). Crockett's Spider is gone and is replaced with a Testarossa (which I like more than the Spider), his pastel clothes are gone and the show gets a different kind of soundtrack. The pop tunes are gone and Hammer has his worst season as the primary musician for the series. It's not all bad though, some of the episodes actually benefit from the lack of music, and the chance for more storytelling.

Best Episodes: "Shadow in the Dark", "The Good Collar", "Down for the Count: Part 1" Worst Episodes: "Streetwise", "Lend Me an Ear", "By Hooker, By Crook"

Season 4 is the worst of the bunch. I mean there are some very good episodes here, but some of the episodes are just jokes. Tubbs' beard is also the worst decision they made style-wise for the show. And that didn't even matter much with the amount of screen time he lost to Crockett. About half of the episodes in this season focus solely on Crockett. Luckily this season picks up toward the end, and ends in an excellent performance by Jan Hammer and a cliffhanger ending.

Best Episodes: "Mirror Image", "Child's Play", "Like a Hurricane" Worst Episodes: "Missing Hours, "Amen... Send Money", "The Cows of October"

Season 5 is a very consistent season. Not a lot of classic episodes, but not a lot of bad ones either. Jan Hammer is replaced by Tim Truman, whose sound is more guitar heavy than the synth-driven songs of Hammer. Truman does a surprisingly good job, but falls short of Hammer's earlier performances. This season ends the series extremely well, seeing the final scene again actually made me cry for the first time in like 10 years and I'm a grown ass man. Just breathtaking.

Best Episodes: "Freefall", "Line of Fire", "To Have and To Hold" Worst Episodes: "The Cell Within", "Miracle Man", "Jack of All Trades"

The only show I can think of that even comes close to the awesomeness of this series is HBO's The Wire. Very different in style than Miami Vice, but still an excellent show. I recommend it to everyone. an 1980 Corvette chassis and power plant complete with Ferrari hardware and sleek wheels.. After the show became a huge hit in prime time then Ferrari boss Enzo Ferrari did not like that a lookalike kit car was being used for the show so he offered NBC and the producers a real Testarossa for season 3. Therefore the Daytona kit car had to be destroyed on camera early in the season and the new Ferrari was used all the way through the fifth and final season. And the rest is television history and one of the black kit cars used along with the white Testarossa were purchased by a private collector and both cars are sitting in an auto museum in south Florida today. He worked for the DEA for many years as an undercover agent in southeast Asia. In the season 2, two-part


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